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Bernard and Fran Gelbard wanted elegance when they remodeled their new home in the Meadowbrook Pointe Athletic Club & Spa in Westbury. The new place is a retirement haven for the couple, both of whom are past retirement age. The couple turned to Jeani Ziering and Jennifer Huson of Ziering Interiors in Manhasset for help turning the square, spare space into a warm welcoming dining room. $20,967
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Designer Jennifer Huson, of Ziering Interiors in Manhasset says of the chandelier selected for the room: The antique-gold finish gives it a warmer feel that you won't get from other finishes."

From: Metropolitan Light | Price: $585
(Newsday Photo / Thomas A. Ferrara)



The pierced-back side chairs for the table have open patterns that keep the furniture from feeling heavy, say the designers.

From: Through Ziering Interiors Price: $1,440, 4 chairs $360 p/chair
(Newsday Photo / Thomas A. Ferrara)



Newsday December 19, 2008


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Space Before

Space After

The drapes helped create the curves that decorator Jeani Ziering says gives a room a nurturing feel. The green-gold tones add warmth.Fabrication: Elegant Windown Concepts, Bay Shore Price: $1,500

(Newsday Photo / Thomas A. Ferrara)

Decorator Jeani Ziering recommends a double-pedestal when the table length is 60 inches or longer. The rich length of the Gelbard's table needed two. Price: $1,680
(Newsday Photo / Thomas A. Ferrara)

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