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Country Club

It's like the '80s all over again—disco is dead, and country clubs are in. Bordering the MPD on West 14th Street in the space formerly host to the short-lived Dirty Disco, Country Club doesn't look much different from the previous venue, except for som flat-screen TVs, striped furniture, and wood paneling. Decor aside, this is not your typical nightspot. Before the clipboards come out, Country Club caters to the after-work crowd looking to relax with live music. Come latenight, glitterati looking to air-kiss and dance on banquettes appear in full force, along with the DJ and velvet rope. Expect to mingle with wannabe socialites and country clubbing prepsters sipping on creative Bellinis and Derby classics like mint juleps ($12-$14) and refined bar snacks. 


July 2008


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